Silverback WebsiteThis website was important because we are providing schools, workplaces, and everyday citizens the advice and experience of experts on how to deal with an active shooter or active attacker event. It is far too common today to see news reports of school shootings or workplace shootings that are taking the lives of innocent people. Troy Lowe, who is a current SWAT Medic, has developed a BITT Training program to prepare everyday people with actions that can be taken to protect themselves and others around them. His hands-on training courses have been taught at many schools and universities around the country.

Troy also invented the “Barracuda Intruder Defense System” which allows someone to protect a classroom or workplace by barricading the door so no intruders can get in. It is a simple device that has been proven effective to secure a room of people behind a door.

The website for Silverback Safety & Training Solutions is a great way for visitors to get advice and stay up to date with upcoming events where Troy and his team will be speaking. The new site also helps to highlight the reason the Silverback training classes are more valuable than other similar courses. Troy teaches all of his classes the improvised medical training that could be the difference between life and death for many people in an active shooter scenario.