Silverback Logo and Business CardsTroy Lowe is a well respected SWAT Medic, trainer, and inventor. Troy was a referral from another client and he wanted a new brand and image for his company. Troy has developed the BITT Training program to help people prepare and understand how to protect themselves in an active shooter situation. He has also invented and brought to market a product “Barracuda Intruder Defense System” to protect schools and workplaces in these tragic events.

Troy wasn’t exactly sure what he wanted, but knew the logo should be simple, clean, and professional. We went back and forth on a few concepts before we fine tuned a logo that met his criteria and exceeded his expectations. The logo icon represents a silverback gorilla and highlights the toughness and security that Troy talks about in his training classes. We also designed a stylish business card to introduce the company and provide that great first impression.